Danielle is a twenty-something aspiring writer currently attending small midwestern liberal arts university. Most people know her as Dani, though her Italian professor and father (not the same person) prefer Daniela. She enjoys napping in sunbeams, kayaking, collecting old things (books, furniture, jewelry, and ceramics), pomegranates (because they’re a challenge to eat) and elaborately planned fanfictions. Dani spends most of her time writing melodramatic tweets and drinking tea (no milk, no sugar, just a tablespoon of honey, thanks). Her hair is not naturally curly, but she can trick you into thinking it is. She has 3 cats, all named for television characters or foods (or both). If Dani were to describe herself in 3 words they would be “overly-passionate, self-depricating, and journaling-addict.”


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