This semester, the autumn of my junior year, marks my first venture into the realm of roommate-less-ness. My first two terms were spent in some uncomfortable set-ups, with my freshman year roomie choosing to pretend I didn’t exist, and my sophomore roommate being well-intentioned, but hard to communicate with. So, last spring I made the decision to live alone for the first time ever in my 20 years
(To be fair, I still live in a dorm, which is like a step down from an apartment in the lone-ness-factor, but a step up in the community aspect)
So, without further ado, here are a few of my observations from these first three weeks of living the single gal’s life, complied into a pro-con list.

PRO: Never waiting to use the bathroom. My porcelain throne is always open. There is always hot water left.

CON: You’re always the one stuck cleaning the bathroom.

PRO: Talking aloud to yourself no longer comes off as crazy. I can muse openly to myself without feeling like some wandering homeless person.

CON: Talking just to yourself reminds you that you are just by yourself. Alllll byyyyy yooooour seeeeelf.

PRO: No one hogs the fruit snacks/bread/food in general.

CON: When you cook, you’re only cooking for one, which means more leftovers and yet another reminder of your solitary lifestyle.

PRO: Music/Television can be turned up as loud as you want, baby!

CON: You’ve got no one to share music or television with.

PRO: You can bring dates home without the awkward introductions and giving less-than-subtle hints of “get out” to your roomie.

CON: You’ve got to actually call or text someone to give them a play-by-play of said date.

PRO: You determine your own bedtime and quiet hours.

CON: Often, hours slip by unnoticed, and your find yourself still hunched over stats problems at 4 a.m., completely unaware of the time now that there isn’t anyone here to turn off lights and TVs and stuff.

PRO: You control the thermostat.

CON: Your energy bill is super high/you’re constantly freezing or burning up because you’re a cheapsake who will willing endanger themselves to save a few George Washingtons.

PRO: You can have random dance parties whenevs!

CON: Until you stumble like the klutz you are and hit your head, giving yourself a concussion and knocking you unconscious, leaving you alone in your apartment for days, your absence unnoticed until a funky smell starts emitting from your room.

PRO: Freedom to generally be naked whenever you want.

CON: Let’s face it, there is no con to this one.


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