I Tried Vlogging Once. I Didn’t Have The Face For It.

I tried vlogging once. I didn’t have the face for it. Nor, perhaps, the charisma, energy, proper sort of camera, or interest.

            And when I say interest, I’m not referring to my own attraction or dedication; it’s me. In person, talking to a camera, I am not simply an interesting subject. Whether I’m more compelling in written word, well, we’ll see. I’ve always been a touch faster with a pen then with my mouth (which explains why all of my physical relationships go south pretty swiftly).

            So anyways. I tried vlogging once. I spoke of t-shirts stains, shoes, relationships, the inevitability of the end, and musicals. It was all-over pretty awful. To this day, I am 90% certain that the only person watching was a creepy ex. But, had I remained dedicated, maybe I would’ve reached a larger audience. Say, two exes.

            I don’t actually have to exes, though, so that would have required some work on my park, and I’m frankly too lazy to take up another relationship. One deadbeat is enough weight for me to carry about at the moment (hint: the deadbeat I’m currently carrying is myself).

            I really admire those that can blog, however. It takes a lot to be that creative, that inspired, and simply that interesting. Building and holding an audience of any real size has got to take a load of energy – it’s truly no wonder that people like Hannah Hart, Jenna Marbles, Wheezy Waiter (aka Craig Benzine) and Grace Helbig, have taken it on as a legitimate career. The simple progression of this new type of media is astounding. Video blogs cannot be much less than a decade old, yet they already have their own convention (Vidcon, a glorious 2 days in Anahiem — I’m coming for you, baby) their own community – it’s quite inspiring.

            And not all of this is shits and giggles. Two of my personal favorites are Laci Green’s Sex+ and Sexology with Jill McDevitt. For those not sexual health centered, Crash Course History, Biology, and Literature provide hours of entertainment and education with their quirky cartoons.

             Not only that, but entire companies are being launched in web video now. Names being made, fandoms created — Lizzie Bennet Diaries, anyone? Last year Hank Green of the vlogbrothers tried his hand at some really inspired story telling in a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and subsequently won an Emmy for it. This spun off into Pemberly Digital, which has now produced two more Austen-based series.

              Honestly, how can you not be impressed with the creativity coming out of YouTube these days? This ain’t just your Potter Puppet Pals, cute cat vids, or Slenderman. Stuff is getting legit. 

            However, it’s not for me. As I said, I don’t have the face for it. 


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