Why I Love Celebrating Love

Weddings are the best. Even ones that are weird or to long or have no dancing or no bar or no food. Weddings are just so hopeful. Like many events society deems significant, they’re about celebrating potential. Yeah, the divorce rate sucks. Things will probably be rough, at the very least. But on this day, things are simply looking forward, towards the future. It’s just beautiful.

Today’s wedding was unusual. For starters, the ceremony and reception were held in the same room. It was a very clever set-up, where the rows were set up between tables, with one row set with chairs into the table and on the other side chairs facing out, so once the ceremony was over people could simply turn their to face the other people at the table. It’s hard to describe, but a really ingenious use of space.

The ceremony took only about 30 minutes, though, honestly, the entire reception sort of felt like a ceremony. Things like tossing the bouquet, the cake and drink exchange, garter, first dance, etc, were all scattered throughout the reception, which only lasted an hour. It was concise, small, allowing guest plenty of time to offer congratulations to the couple. Overall, I felt like it gave the proper amount of focus to the ceremony and the two people uniting in love for eternity (I’m aware of how corny that sounds, but deal with it, it’s the truth).

It’s not that other weddings drag on or anything, but the length was nice. Not too long, not too short, a descent length so that it only took up a fraction of the afternoon. It really suited the bride, who has never been a fan of ceremonies — if she’d had the option she probably would have skipped our high school graduation, and I have no doubt that if she could have made the day any shorter, she would have.

I feel a little silly, being so over-the-moon about weddings, yet not so much that I really think much about the potential of having my own. I shouldn’t feel bad, really, but society and my peers tell me it’s stupid to be so crazy about them/I’m a fool for not highly anticipating my own, and that my now I ought to have a binder jam-packed with ideas(though I will fully admit to a secret board on Pinterest, because sometimes you just don’t want to forget awesome ideas from the internet). It’s one of the paradoxes of being female — can’t be too fluffy and feminine, yet to not have the proper measures of it you’re something of a weirdo.

I do love weddings. There is something just nice about them. It’s a happy day. Yeah, there’s the romance, the dressing-up, the flowers and food, fluffy white dresses and (insert appropriate adjective) suits, quirky stories from friends of the bride and groom, cute little traditions. All of those things are nice, but it’s the personality, really, that is appealing to me. The way people celebrate their love is kind of cool to see. Be it with slide shows, elaborately choreographed dance routines, personalized vows, poetry readings, dedicated songs, etc…there’s just something heartening about weddings. They’re days of love, yes, but more so, they’re days of sharing.

I could care less about the potential of mine at the moment. I’m 20, 70% depend on my parents, basically without any life plan or goal. The main thing I’ve committed to in the last three years has been my cats, education, and an ivy I bought when I thought my dorm needed some greenery (yes, that is listed is order of importance). The idea of committing myself to someone even for a few months, let alone the rest of my days is terrifying. So for now I’m more than content to partake of others’s celebrations of commitment. My time will come. Or not.

Either way, I love weddings.